I have had the privilege of weaving my passion for design with my want to be a force for good through social media for Campus Ministry at the University of Notre Dame. For the past two years, I have worked as a Social Media Coordinator and Content Creator, bringing our mission to life through visually captivating graphics that resonate deeply with our audience.
Campus Ministry serves as a guiding light for spiritual life and community connection at Notre Dame. Through social media, I extend our reach beyond physical boundaries, engaging with students, faculty and alumni on a constant basis. With every design that I create and every reflection that I write, my aim is to encapsulate the essence of our mission — making God known, loved and served.
Along with the creative process, I also work to analyze insights given to us by Meta, dissecting data to uncover trends and preferences from our audience. Each post is carefully crafted to maximize our impact, where I use insights about engagement to pick posting times and aesthetics. Intuition and data are at the center of this work, cultivating meaningful interactions in the digital realm. 
This work is centered around collaboration, where I work alongside fellow members of Campus Ministry. Whether it is with other members of the Communications team or student interns, I contribute to a collaborative ecosystem where creativity knows no bounds. I am supported by neighbors who help brainstorm, conceptualize and execute a steady stream of content that ranges from Monday morning reflections to Staff Member Spotlights. 
Feel free to take a look around at the Instagram pages!
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